Full-Stack Junior Web Developer

The Chrystal Menagerie
A project using Angular to dynamically display and filter a killer collection of figurines. I also employed Bootstrap, a custom modal popup, and a star-rating system.
Shoptivist arms ethical shoppers with knowledge & girds their loins with information. I served as PM & co-developer. Built with Ember. (Initial load may take a sec due to dev hosting.)
GODZILLOW! An in-progress real-estate app using the Zillow and Mapbox API’s, PHP, Silex, Twig, and JS. Needs fuzzy-search for addresses, images & house data, and front-end, but the basic functionality is working.

In the front-end department I work with Javascript & have used Ember, React, jQuery, D3 & Angular.  My first real programming was in Actionscript, the bastard child of the ECMAScript family.  I confess that I do miss the compatibility nonchalance, and animating all the things quite tastelessly.  In addition to ECMAstuff I can also wrangle HTML & CSS.  I’ve learned how to do a little tasteless animation in CSS now, but have mostly stuck to things like grids and preprocessors.

On the server side I’ve done work with PHP and some Node.  While I like working with both of those I’m also very interested in expanding on the small taste I’ve had of Ruby, as time permits.  I’ve written custom modules for WordPress and Drupal, and have even made commits to the open source Pressbooks plugin.  In the way backend world I’ve used MAMP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, PHPmyAdmin & CPanel, and have managed domains & hosting for myself and others for many years.  I helped TheSmokery.com set up an ecommerce site back in the day.  Fortunately for everyone it’s gotten a lot easier since then.

I’m currently working freelance, and will have some new projects to add in the not too distant future.  Here you have a few humble samplings of my work, but if you like reading code a la carte, I have a smorgasbord of projects on Github. If you’re interested in freelance or in-house help I’d love to talk to you. Contact me!


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3, Bootstrap, Foundation & Sass
  • Javascript, Ember, React, jQuery, Angular & Actionscript


  • PHP, Silex, Twig, PHPUnit
  • Production Github, Grunt, localhost & command-line work
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHPmyAdmin & CPanel
  • WordPress and Drupal development.  Published code contributions.

Additional Experience

  • Email marketing with MailChimp
  • Professional experience with Photoshop / Adobe design tools
  • Media compression & delivery
  • Hosting & domain management