Media Dev

For more than a decade I’ve been contributing editing, effects, animation, production and llama-wrangling (not kidding) to a wide variety of high end media projects. I’ve worked with some of the best creative teams around to produce world-class visual media. My projects have run the gamut from indie videos to personal projects for the co-founder of Broadcom, and from non-profit documentary work in Nicaragua to an internationally broadcast documentary on Brasil’s signature style of football. I’ve also also helped create a fair amount of marketing media for clients like Electronic Arts, Nike, Microsoft, Seattle Sounders FC, and many, many more.

As the world of information-exchange continues to evolve, so do I, bringing me happily back to my roots in the interactive medium of the web, and the code that makes it do.  My goal is to throw my passion for quality and my cross-disciplinary background behind endeavors guided by some kind of forward-facing vision.

Seattle Sounders FC

I was invited to do some motion work for Seattle Sounders FC, and I was like “Yep. I will do that.” It was super awesome working with such a great creative agency as Wexley School for Girls, contributing motion design for some rad-looking broadcast ads for… the enemy. Sorry Portland Timbers, but they called me first. I won’t hold it against you.

MLB: The Show (Playstation)

ONE HUNDRED videos cranked out over the course of a few weeks for the social media of some of the biggest sports stars. The campaign was a huge success, with a massive audience response. Because they were funny.

Coors Light – Game Day

Shot at 300fps with the “Phantom” camera, this footage looked great even before I worked my magic on it. And as you can see in this goofy (but illustrative) little edit, I got to work some serious magic on it! Major compositing, rotoscoping and other types of ‘efectus digitalus’, as the magicians say. Fun stuff.

Halo / Bing – Pwn All the Everyones

I had a lot of fun doing animation and compositing for this Bing campaign featuring the wacky guys of Halo getting their laffs the only way they know how. Same as me. By pushing a guy off a cliff with a helicopter. And getting paid for it.

Ginga: The Soul of Brazilian Football

Ginga is Brazilian for… It’s kinda like their “je ne sais cuoi” and that’s French for… soccer. I think. Anyway, that’s what this documentary is about, and it is awesome. Produced by the famed director Fernando Meirelles, so there you go. I’m just gonna say I’ve “worked with” good old… Fernie. It was a long-distance relationship, but I did contribute some editing, translation, DVD programming and moral support for this internationally distributed gem of an utterly enjoyable film.