Hello Worlds

Considering that NASA’s Kepler Mission has raised the number of verified exoplanets to >3,000 and counting (including habitable-zone planet 186f), I’ve updated the antiquated “Hello world” accordingly.  Yay space!

Hi.  Thanks for checking out my About Me page.  I’ll do my best to spin you an About Me page that you’ll want to read to your children and grandchildren.  I’m James Nielson, a web developer in Portland Oregon, where I’ve lived since I fell off a potato truck from Idaho back in the plaid-flannel era.  I haven’t always been a full-stack junior developer.  As you may have noticed, I’ve been involved in media development for a good while. The media portfolio I’ve assembled over the years represents work spanning years, continents, and a range of work from concept to spit-shine to delivery.  At one point I even found myself trying to coax a weird camel creature into a glass-walled elevator on the 9th floor of a parking garage, on our way to the jewelers.  But my specialty has generally involved herding pixels.  Having the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals on polished, high-end projects has been fun and rewarding, and I aim to continue that tradition.

Llamas do not like elevators.
Llamas do not like elevators.

Why dev? Why now?  I’ve peaked in video.  You can’t take a llama any higher than the 9th floor.  Okay, in reality, I was programming first, writing Actionscript and making really Flashy websites.  One such job sorta segued  into “show biz”.  See, I like to sing while I code, and… okay, it was my editing skills.  My interest in web geekery has remained steady throughout.  I like tinkering with the plumbing of the web, and even if we’ve all gotten kinda blasé about it, we’re still in the middle of a revolution and I still find the excitement of that irresistible. Having transitioned into to media development from a more geeky background, I have always looked at these two worlds as only residually separated, and destined to be deeply merged. That’s a big part of my interest in programming now, my interest in helping create unified media experiences.

I finally took the plunge back into web development with a full stack course at Epicodus.  I put in more than 700 hours of learning and using Javascript/frameworks,  PHP/Silex/Twig/PHPUnit, SQL and more to my repertoire. With a gob of Github repos under my belt, I took a junior dev intern position at Lumen Learning. I chose Lumen because the position combined a social mission (to lower the cost of textbooks) with opportunities to expand my experience with React.js, Ruby and WordPress.  That’s pretty representative of what I’m after.  My goal is to contribute to meaningful missions, break a little new ground, and always be learning a new JS framework (tell me we’ll never run out!).

My free time is spent yardening, exploring nature, hanging out with family and/or cooking things in my spooky magic solar oven.  (I seriously cooked a chicken using daylight.  In April.)  I’m basically so damn Portland it borders on parody. A subaru-driving,  kimchi-fermenting non-native who minored in writing, was there when Birdie Sanders landed, and owned a food cart selling hand-crafted organic Argentinish empanadas. But I’m not in a band.

If you could use some quality help from a dedicated professional with a deep well of diverse experience and a passion for quality projects, then by all means I’d love to meet up and hear about what you’re working on!


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James Nielson as a nerdling.
(Born 2 Nerd)