Full Stack jr Web Developer

I am a full-stack developer with front-end experience in HTML, CSS (including Bootstrap and Foundation) and Javascript (including React, jQuery & Angular). I've also written a bit of Actionscript. In backend technologies I've worked with PHP, Silex, Twig. My databases experience includes MAMP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHPmyAdmin & CPanel. I've written custom modules for both Wordpress and Drupal sites, and have even made commits to the open source Wordpress plugin Pressbooks.

The Chrystal Menagerie
A project using Angular.js and Bootstrap to display and filter my killer figurine collection.
Shoptivist arms ethical shoppers with knowledge and gird their loins in justice. Built with Ember.js, with myself as PM and co-dev. (This is on free Heroku hosting, so the initial load may take a sec.)
GODZILLOW! A real estate app using the Zillow and Mapbox API's. Built with PHP, Silex, Twig, and JS. It's gorgeous, i know, but consider it under construction.

Media Development

10 years of experience, dozens of A-list clients.

Son of Dave performs before a crowd in the smoky Someday Lounge.

Bing: Son of Dave

Compositing, effects and other finishing touches on this handsome little ad featuring Son of Dave...
coors light logo blocking the view of mountains

Coors Light: Game Day

Shot at 300fps with the “Phantom” camera, this footage looked great even before I worked...

EA Sports, MLB: The Show

ONE HUNDRED videos cranked out over the course of a few weeks for the social...

EA: Dante’s Inferno Super Bowl Campaign

My pre-viz animation was part of the brainstorming and storyboarding process that went into the...
Ginga, The Soul of Brazillian Football

Ginga: The Soul of Brazillian Football

Ginga is Brazilian for… It’s kinda like their “je ne sais cuoi” and that’s French...
Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Sounders FC

I was invited to do some motion work for Seattle Sounders FC, and I was...
A badass Halo soldier

Bing, Xbox & Halo

I had a lot of fun doing animation and compositing for this Bing campaign featuring...

Duty Calls: Bulletstorm

3D and motion design, compositing and finishing work for this hilarious parody of Call of...